IT Consulting


What is IT?

IT, or Information Technology, is the use of technology (most notably computer systems and networks) to create, manage and process information such as documents, financial statements and databases.

Do I really need a consultant?

Many small business owners try to do as much as possible themselves. Many times, this extra work causes valuable time to be diverted from core business activities. Hiring a consultant who is many times more proficient can actually save money and resources.

How much does all this cost?

The cost of consulting can vary according to the size of the project and the level of complexity. A free initial consultation can help determine exactly what would be appropriate for your business and how much it might cost.

Business Consulting Services

Beyond our IT roots, Supersource Consulting works with the best companies to provide superior products and services for every small business. With the help of our afiliates and partners we can provide many of the resources you need to empower your business.

cross.jpgFinancial services (lease purchase options)

cross.jpgHuman resources consulting

cross.jpgIncorporation and Legal servcies

cross.jpgMarketing and sales program development


cross.jpgMerchant accounts (accept credit cards)

cross.jpgPrinting services

cross.jpgspacer.gifWebsite creation and hosting


Supersource Consulting offers training on basic administration tasks that must to be performed to maintain your systems. We also offer productivity application training on both desktop versions such as Microsoft Office and hosted versions such as CRM products. Supersource Consulting believes that knowledge of all systems is critical to their optimum utilization and high-efficiency workflow and partners with clients to realize this. The more productivity a company derives from its infrastructure, the quicker the return on investment and subsequent potential for expansion.