Many firms within the financial services industry are bound by the rules of various government regulatory agencies. Supersource Consulting works with many independent small businesses who provide financial services to their customers. To compliment our wide array of IT services we offer various compliance products that can directly interface with an existing IT infrastructure. This allows you to communicate with one company without worrying about the compatibility of the various systems.

Compliance Email

Supersource Consulting offers several always-available hosted email solutions. As a partner of Sonian, we can help satisfy your enterprise-wide retention policies as well as help you comply with SEC and FINRA regulations. Using Global Relay's infinitely flexible implementation and unparalleled expertise, Supersource is able to provide you with the optimum communications retention solution that best integrates with your existing work flow.

If you like to communicate with your customers using various forms of social media, our retention solution can be easily extended to include these messages. Our social media archival solutions support each of the major platforms including Facebook and Twitter, as well as private messaging, while remaining fully compliant.

Business Continuity

Supersource Consulting can help companies institute a comprehensive disaster recovery plan. Should your site be unavailable for a period of time, or even destroyed, you will be in the best position to resume your business at a new location, and, within a timely period.

Offsite Backup

Working with Host 17 we are able to offer businesses secure, online and offsite backup capability. Host 17's DR Cache product, provides an always available copy of your data replicated in two geographically unique data centers. Compliance options offer the ability to encrypt this data, and retain previous and deleted versions of files.