About us

Supersource Consulting is a full-service information technology consulting company. Capable of providing and servicing end-to-end technology, Supersource can propose and recommend products, supply them, and then manage the completed system.

Working exclusively with small and medium businesses, Supersource understands the unique requirements and constraints within which a small business must operate. We are a huge proponent of the entreprenurial spirit and the agility of small businesses. Moreover, as a small business that evolved from one independent consultant ourselves, we have prior first hand experience to back up our recommendations and daily operations.

All of our staff have prior business experience in different industries furthering our understanding of business practices and financial operations. Our discussions and proposals center not only around the technical aspects, but the financial considerations as well.




Strategic Relationships

Supersource Consulting maintains relationships with various independent consultants and companies that provide services complementary to our business. We believe that strong corporate and social networks can accomplish more than one entity can, and, with greater effienciency. To help build this network, Supersource continually reaches out to new individuals and organizations who might provide value for our customers.